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SlotsAudio is a team of casino industry veterans, united in our commitment to providing cutting edge audio for online and land-based casino slots and marketing videos.

Our unique 24/7 workflow, broad knowledge and understanding of the industry, ability to produce highest quality audio assets, dedicated team of expert practitioners with over 600 casino games/50+ years of collective experience, and commitment to forming strong and lasting partnerships with each and every client, make us the ultimate choice to take your productions to the next level.

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Now featuring expertly crafted high-quality, pre-made royalty-free Sound Libraries for your casino productions!

“The first thing that caught my attention when I loaded Judge Dredd was the theme music. It was fast-paced, packed with crescendos and simply perfect for a superhero-themed slot.”

“You will need to turn the sounds on to fully appreciate the thrilling music and sound effects, which add that extra dimension to every spin.”

"One things for sure, that the music in Starmania slot will inspire you to move forwards and keep spinning. It will be that uplifting music that is going to get you those free spins."


"NextGen Gaming have always been blown away by the quality and professionalism of the services offered. Z and his team have managed to offer a service which is highly professional, efficient, collaborative and most of all creatively genius. The quality of work delivered to us has continually pushed our product to new heights in creating an engaging and immersive experience in our games."

Mark Crocker
Director of Operations at NextGen Gaming

“SlotsAudio have produced the highest quality music and sound effects for our games and to our clients. They have great experience in music / audio, gaming and entertainment, which makes our dealings so much easier. SlotsAudio get it from the get-go, and always deliver exceptional results.”

Bachir El Khoury
Managing Director at Limpid Logic

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fusehive and SlotsAudio on a number of different projects. Their ability to quickly learn, understand and leverage new technologies is further enhanced by a deep musical talent and strong grounding in audio and video engineering. These combined talents have helped to create engaging experiences for a wide range of audiences.”

Robin Millner
Director at Ram Education